Confusion with a K (prettyinpunk420) wrote in dreaded_heads,
Confusion with a K

Cat in the Hat...

So...I really really enjoy wearing hats!! I have a crazy hat collection at home wich I love, and every now and then I get really nostalgic, try one on...see it doesn't fit, and get crazy upset.

This week I was coming back from somewhere and I saw some guy wearing a fedora, and I got all upset and really wanted to wear mine. Now I am sure you are sitting there asking yourself, what's the big deal...just put one on...WELLLLL folks, it's not only a big deal, it's a HUGE deal. Because geuss what...I CAN'T! Reason #39 why I hate my dreads and terribly miss my hair: "Lots of fat dreadss resulting in lack of normal hat wearage!"

After I saw the guy wearing his hat, I said to myself, "ok, fuck want to, then you will..." I tried a few different things, and finally found a way to put my dreads up in a low bun thing, and just PULL the hat down. The hat itself is pretty small so it was a bit of a squeeze, but I put on a happy face, and forced myself to suffer for beauty!! here are pictures. "Hooded pre-dred" and "Hooded post-dred!!"

And now, with the rasta mess underneath the hat!!

I was pulling it down as far as I could allllll head was in hella pain afterwards.

And yeah, this is what they usually look like, a giant mess on top of my head:

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